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*Please read our General Guidelines before submitting.* We do not accept multiple submissions.*

Embody Formatting Guidelines:

  • Nonfiction prose, maximum 1,000 words
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced
  • 1” margins
  • Pages numbered 

Payment: All published contributors will be eligible to receive a $500 Editor’s Choice Award, a $200 Runner-up Award, or $50 Honorable Mention, to be given annually. Currently, we are unable to pay each contributor to our weekly Embody feature, but we're working on it!

A Note from Embody Co-Editors, Elizabeth Bedell and Dewaine Farria:

Embody, is a home for writing about the grueling, exhilarating, essential business of finding peace (or not) with the bodies we inhabit, considering age, sexuality, race, ability, gender identity, size, athleticism, addiction, illness, and the experience of occupying unfamiliar/hostile/wonderful spaces. 

Tell us about edging backwards towards the end of the springboard for your first competitive dive. Tell us about the first time you climbed higher in a tree than your sibling. Tell us about the blinding pain of a migraine headache and the dull ache of a pinched nerve. Tell us about grasping your significant other’s hand in public for the first time. Tell us about pulling your hand free and avoiding your loved one’s gaze. Tell us about when you ran for your life. Tell us about your first pat-down, about reflexively assuming the position while the nape of your shirt is braced in a stranger’s grip. Tell us how it feels to be the one doing the bracing. Tell us about the first time your infant latched on to your nipple. Tell us about the day when you finally saw your mastectomy scars in a mirror. Tell us about when you first knew you didn’t belong in the body you were born into. Tell us about walking the world in a body that feels right. Tell us about wearing a cape and mask. Tell us about wearing all leather. Tell us about your first night as an incarcerated person. Tell us about your last night as one. Tell us about holding a loved one’s hand after it grows cold. 

Tell us about life in your body—both the stories of which you’re most proud and the ones you wish you could forget. 

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